Thursday, February 3, 2011

biggggg day out ninjas

Yo Dj Hi - Tek
drop the motherfukin beat box dog..
bring that next-level shit..

awkward lean matteo? 

 and again lol

the down side of all big day outs.. lol
 auzzzzzzie auzzie auzzzzzie

my friend ece was so amazingly nice to purchase this 'killing heidi' fluro, light up head band.. thanks so much.. worked out well noone got lost.. other then my brother of course 

how funny i later realised that cheap monday used the some dreads on the a/w 2011 show..

 oh and here is karlie and i with elphaba from wicked...
disappointed that when we called her elphaba she had no idea who that was and hadn't seen wicked! she was hanging out with the straw and glinda

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