Friday, October 29, 2010

another fun day at b-wog

are these not the cutest tweens your yet to see? ever?


a little time for convincing and $400 later:

big improvement even if i do say so myself

Thursday, October 28, 2010

barbie grl

i want to be her!

this is sooo nice.. go the crimper ps where can you find a crimper these days?

is it just me or is there something wrong with her head? or does it just look so huge because she is skinny and bones?

what ever happened to the days of barbie? (not that i was such of a barbie child) sluty bratz dolls took over

classy barbie

legally blonde not so classy barbie

every barbie needs a ken? ken looks like he needs a ben not a barbie? nice velvet blazer tho

yay 60s barbie.. my fav

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

st george tafe exibition at the muse ultimo

here goes..

this dress is cute as is the amazing lady holding it and the handsome guy man behind her 

there it is again

nice beading

 strike a pose! an amazing pile of black chairs.. karlie and dean

a cute skirt

im digging the lime feathers

 go lisa

her friend found this amazing chest on the road side.. and thats what you get when you live in the east

lisa and her collection.. nice

you be the judge


i want a madonna bra

okay this girls display was very nice .. very russh mag

awww and her illustrations <3

the bodices are going nuts if only i could fit into the cups

very wearable

and again ahhh

thanks st george tafe for the complimentary beverages at the exhibition so many cool things, as above and as always there were some shockers.. oh well ive been told by my mother to keep all the comments nice so thats what ive done.. thank me later to the people who will eventfully realise they should aim for a 50 yr old plus market

Monday, October 25, 2010

this photo speaks for itself

happy birthday mahla

biggest hair on a small girl ive ever seen happy birthday to my mini amy winehouse

johnathon rich helped me solve the puzzle

ok to be completely honest i had a lot of difficulty figuring out this guys outfit, i couldn't figure out if he was some sort of lad tourist from manchester who never left the night at the roxberry or if he just had the 90s outfit so spot on that it was confusing... so question is does this man know that the 90's ever ended? or is he uber cool and has nailed the 90210 look so well?!
he had me guessing the answer is which i should have known given we were in the surry but this dude has taken the new trend to a new level ... go him and spot fuking on! even down the the chain

this year 12 student must have snuck out for a late thursday on the town and shes looking fine in a ksubi skirt and cheap monday sheer shirt which may i add you can find a very similar one at supre for those who are on my budget lately

summer lovin' happened so fast

 my not very subtle summer print inspired by 'something else' by natalie wood and my amazing water colours

its about time ive made a move on my portfolio and now i have and even faced my fear of not remembering photo shop but i surprisingly got it!

seen as a lot of people have been hitting up the ivy pool lately heres what ive come up with despite how much i hated it i think i will be spending a lot more time around there given my boyfriend now works there and we all know what that means

also just putting it out there the last one is a sheer chiffon jumpsuit