Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more fun in the sun

Here is a photo of some fashionistas i know and a random who gave us all iphone covers..
1stly claudias bodysuit is chambray with mesh side panels (thanks topshop) and i love it but you kinda need a surf board stomach to wear it and you clearly cant be bigger than a c cup, venessa looked amazing and effortless in denim shorts and a mid drift collared shirt, karlies karren walker sunnies speak for them selves well they would if you could see them better and finally i have a realllly expensive pair of $70 le specs and a dress by 'something else' that i lovvve even tho i looked like a rainbow paddle pop but for now we can say its josh goot. 

bianca very prep with her blazer and red wine, minus the acid wash skirt which is a nice little contrast from here on im going to go on about how many people were loving the aviators 

some more aviators and i love that blonde blonde hair soooo much, im a sucker for blondes, shame you cant see how pretty this girl is

more aviators, this man just throws it all together and makes it work

 i just couldn't write anything about people wearing aviators and leave out gillian because they are her trademark and has been rocking them out for ages, she should deff be the poster girl for all aviators, oh and blackberrys

a special comment has to go to karlies acne dress that i am so jealous of, shame there isnt a better photo of it, im sure there will be many more wearing of that bad boy by both of us


and here is a little something for those of you who miss out on all the classy classy people at ivy pool

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