Saturday, January 29, 2011

fuk fur

 Cruella de Ville
"Agyness recently came under fire for posing in a fur coat when leaving a Christmas bash at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
The star was last month pictured wearing an anti-fur sticker on her top.
But her winter cover ups of late indicate she's either changed her mind about the controversial subject or has gone out and found convincing fakes."

 lynx =

timber wolves 

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  1. Fur is amazing so long as done sustainably, and Fuck PETA; damn terrorists:

    ...and the truth is, how many animals and how much habitat is destroyed each year to say, farm cotton for clothing? And what about all the synthetic materials? Well have you heard of oil spills? Caus lots and lots of clothing materials are made from oil peoducts.

    Basically, people wank on and on about fur being bad, caus it is an easy public relations scheme; and i wish they would look at the bigger picture.

    (just sayin')